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Hiii baboyyy 🐷😘
Halo halo w Rj 💙🐷😄👍 #happykid
Gwapa i miss youuuuuu!!! Balik na Cebu daliiii!! :) #throwback @senyoritaj <3 love you achi!!:’)
She’s the most amazing woman in the world for me. She’s a fighter, she’s brave, she’s my mommy! Ma thanks for everything. Mahal na mahal po kita!! Happy Birthday Ma!! ❤❤❤
Welcome to college life hija! :’) 1st honorable mentioooon wooooooh!!! Congratssss!!! #lateupload #graduation2014 #foreverkiankeenian
"Smile naman diyan." :D
"You’ll know that s/he’s the one for you if you see them in your future."
Watched #BrideForRent w/ this guy! ;) Happy Sundaaaaay! 😄📺👍
Siopao siobe!! 6mos. old baby. 😄
Goodbye Eldar! Sa sunod ulit ha!